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Tachyonic UI Interface (photonic)




Endpoints are like applications/systems that you create on your end and then plug them into the Photonic web interface to monitor and view those applications.


An Endpoints usage can be whatever you design it for. This will thus differ from endpoint to endpoint.

Creating/Adding Endpoints

To create a new Endpoint, navigate to System -> Endpoints and click on the Add Endpoint button. This will launch the Add Endpoint form.


Simply enter the Endpoint name. After that you will be able to select the interface type, Public, Internal or Admin. You will aslso need to add a Region. Lastly you will need to add a URI otherwise you will not be able to add a Endpoint.


Selecting interface type.

Viewing Endpoints

In order to view Domain information, navigate to System -> Endpoints, and click on the magnifying glass icon. This will launch the View Endpoints window, which will display the current information associated with the Endpoints.


In the above example there is no endpoints as example, but if you have created endpoints the endpoints will pop up here and will then be seen in the above list were you can then select a specific endpoint and view the associated information.

Modifying Endpoints information

In order to update the Endpoint name, or edit other information, follow the same procedure as in Viewing Endpoints, and click on the edit button. This will launch the Edit Endpoint window. Update the information accordingly, and hit the Save button.

Deleting Endpoints

In order to delete a Endpoint, follow the same procedure as in editendpoint, and click on the delete button. A confirmation dialog will pop up. Hit the Continue button to permanently delete the domain, or hit Cancel to return to the previous form.