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Tachyonic UI Interface (photonic)




Every user can be assigned one or multiple Roles. These provide a RBAC facility: A user is only allowed to access endpoints/URLs for which the Role allows.

By default the following Roles are available:

  • Account Manager
  • Administrator
  • Billing
  • Customer
  • CustomerInstall
  • Operations
  • Root
  • Support

The Root user has access to all endpoints/URLs, while the Administrator user has access to all things Tachyonic related, such as manipulation of Roles, Users, Domains and Tenants.

For a Full list of Role to endpoint mappings, refer to the development documentation.

Creating/Adding User Roles

Through the web UI one is able to create new roles, but these do not make sense without associating those roles to rules and endpoints. That topic is covered in the development guide.

To create a new role in the Ui, navigate to System -> Roles and click on the Add Role button. This will launch the Create Role form.


Simply give the Role a name, and optionally a description, and hit the Create Button.


Viewing Roles

In order to view the configuration for a Role navigate to System -> Roles, and click on the magnifying glass icon next to the role to be viewed. This will launch the View role window, which will display the current information associated with the role.


Modifying Role Information

In order to update user role information, follow the same procedure as in Viewing Roles, and click on the edit button. This will launch the Edit Role window. Update the information accordingly, and hit the Save button.


Deleting a Role

In order to delete a User role, follow the same procedure as in Modifying Role Information, and click on the delete button. A confirmation dialog will pop up. Hit the Continue button to permanently delete the user role, or hit Cancel to return to the previous form.



If you are deleting any of the default available roles, be sure to also update references to them in all views!

Assigning Roles to a User Account

To assign a Role to a User account, follow the same steps as in Modifying User Account Information, and scroll down to the Role Assignments section at the bottom of the form. Roles can be assigned per Domain and per Tenant. Select the appropriate Role, Tenant and Domain, and hit the + button.


To add additional Roles, one can simply click on ‘’ Select Role ‘’ button below and add another role to the specific user you are busy editing.