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Tachyonic UI Interface (photonic)




Tenants are the entities for which one can provide services (think if them as customers). When Photonic is installed initially, there are no tenants in the system. Users’ accounts can be associated to a Tenant. Tachyonic is a multi-tier multi-tenant system. This means when a User that is associated to a Tenant is logged in, that user can only view services, roles, domains etc that is assigned to the particular Tenant. It also means that they can create Tenants themselves. This is for example useful in a reseller model.

Most things in Potonic require a tenant to be selected. This is called the “Current Open Tenant”, and it determines the Users, Tenants, Roles and Domains that will be displayed and available in the system.

Typically, one would already have some CRM system that contains all the Customer/Tenant information. Since Photonic comes with a REST API, it is trivial to populate Tenants from such a system. That way, there is “one source of truth” for Tenant information, which prevents multiple systems getting out of sync.

For those who prefer to run Tachyonic as a stand-alone solution, a convienient way of managing tenants have been provided with the Photonic UI, described here.

Creating/Adding Tenants

To Create/Add a tenant, navigate to Accounts -> Tenants, and click on the Create button. Only The Name Field is required. By default, the Enabled option is not selected. Select this option to activate the Tenant.


Selecting Tenants

Once a Tenant has been added (and enabled) to the system, it can be selected to become the “Current Open Tenant”. To search through the Tenants, use the Search bar at the top right of Photonic. Names will auto populate after three characters has been typed. Hit the Search button to see a list of results in the main Photonic window.

In order to select a Tenant, click on the Select Tenant drop down in the middel of the screen.This will then show all the available tenants, where you can select the desired tenant. The “Current Open Tenant” is displayed at the top middel of the Photonic screen. Once selected, all features of the system applies only to the “Current Open Tenant”. To close the “Current Open Tenant”, select another Tenant as described here, or hit the Close button next to the name of the “Current Open Tenant” at the top right.


Viewing Tenant Information

In order to view Tenant information, navigate to Accounts -> Tenants, and click on the magnifying glass icon next to the applicable Tenant. This will launch the View Tenant window, which will display the current information associated with the Tenant.


The above is an example when you want to view all the tenants created, when you then want to view a specific tenant you just click on the desired tenant to allow the following window top pop up.


This then shows information regarding the specific tenat you selected. Here you can also edit the tenant information or delete the tenant.

Modifying Tenant Information

In order to update Tenant information, follow the same procedure as in Viewing Tenant Information, and click on the edit button. This will launch the Edit Tenant window. Update the information accordingly, and hit the Save button.


Deleting a Tenant

In order to delete a Tenant, follow the same procedure as in Modifying Tenant Information, and click on the delete button. A confirmation dialog will pop up. Hit the Continue button to permanently delete the Tenant account, or hit Cancel to return to the previous form.


This is an example of deleting a tenant.